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Eliminate PKI

Managing the crib-to-grave life cycle of any encryption key system is complex and costly. Research shows that organizations spend between $47 and $598 for the creation, distribution, and maintenance of each PKI key in use.1 MerlinCryption's pioneering key management solution leverages efficiency across the business organization, driving down cost and labor of key production to a fraction of PKI costIT departments easily transform the excessively complicated processes of intricate key administration to a simplified procedure.

Protecting the increasing volume and the runaway mobility of confidential business information is more critical, more complicated, and more costly than ever. Beyond key-in-use cost, the cost of a 5000-user PKI system is an additional $150 to $296 per user, per year2

MerlinCryption significantly reduces the cost and labor of PKI by eliminating key certificates, registration authority, directory management, central key deposit, external validation, and complex protocols. 

The annual cost of PKI ownership is $770,000 to $1,480,000 spread across 5000 users3. MerlinCryption eradicates PKI program costs, nullifies limitations of current key exchange, and streamlines problematic key management. 

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