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Embedded Encryption Platforms

MerlinCryption's patent pending Embedded Encryption Platform and Low Overhead Platform is the only comprehensive embedded encryption platform system that delivers the security, system control, and ease that top-level IT leaders need.

  • Minimal overhead: Low overhead platform is 55KB, and the platform is 200KB
  • Inclusive Encrypted Authentication process deploys four categories of factors. Compare to the typical one or two factors used in most solutions
  • All encryption, decryption, and authentication processes happen "under the hood". Users cannot see or change the security elements. The platform features elements of "independent control"¯ which circumvents inside espionage.
  • Platform SDKs easily integrate into code modules of other solutions and applications. The design-efficient solution assimilates easily to all security systems.
  • End-user experience remains unchanged...¦no user training is required.

Technology At-A-Glance

Market Industries and Applications

  • Verticals: Military. Healthcare. Financial. Law
  • Horizontals: Cloud. VoIP. eCommerce. Systems Environments
  • Infrastructure: Data Storage. Virtualization. Communications. Network Management
  • Embedded Connectivity & Device: IoT / M2M
  • Media Storage: USB. SSD. External Drives

 Facts and Stats

  • Encryption speed more than twice as fast as AES
  • Highly efficient code with minimal overhead:
    • Platform = 200K
    • Low Overhead Platform = 55K
    • Encryption Engine as small as 22K
  • Portable to any CPU
  • Encrypted Payloads transmitted by any communications protocol and on any network
  • Variable key length from 2008-bit to 2 GB. Supported by variable passwords to 64KB
  • Eliminates PKI, Cert Authorities, Key Depository
  • Approved for export no license required, OFAC compliant
  • Provides compliance with HIPAA, HITECH,  & other regulatory guidelines
  • Written C & C++ for Linux, Windows, DOS, & custom

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