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MerlinCryption, an Austin, Texas security company, is the developer of patented and proprietary security technology, including the Anti-Statistical Block Encryption algorithm, five authentication systems, and a random data generator, which defeats Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. These, in concert with other MerlinCryption security technologies solve cyber security's toughest problems and overcome the industry's most perplexing scenarios


MerlinCryption's unique high speed, low-overhead cryptographic technology overcomes intrinsic risk gaps of commonly used encryption solutions and significantly decreases the labor and cost of typical key management. "Ahead of the curve” solutions protect the integrity of data-at-rest, data-in-motion, data-in-use, and data-in-change as it is created, viewed, edited, shared, stored, and moved across any communications channel and in the Cloud.


The company focuses in critical-need industries such as military/law enforcement, financial services, healthcare, and SCADA, delivering encryption security for data storage, system environments, Cloud, VoIP, IoT/M2M, and USB hardware.


MerlinCryption is a Woman Owned Business, headquartered in Austin, TX with sales offices in Washington DC and Fort Lauderdale, FL. The encryption solutions are BIS approved for export, OFAC compliant, and enable clients with HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Executive | Technology |  Leadership

Brandon Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Driving business strategy and market strategy, Ms. Brown strengthens company capabilities and offerings to navigate the critically evolving cyber security terrain. Former VP New Acquisitions/Marketing, Pacific Hotel Associates, and Founder/CEO of CenterPhi, a performance improvement strategy consultancy serving start-ups to Fortune 100s.

Paul "Prem" Sobel
Chief Technology Officer & Cryptography
Formerly with NASA, Northrop, Intel, Phillips, Xerox, and AMD as chief scientist/principal engineer, and founding partner at Vitesse. Mr. Sobel, leads cryptography, security architecture, and engineering. Sobel graduated with honors B.S.E.E. from Pratt Institute, and M.S.E.E. Cal Tech.

D. Sobel
Chief Knowledge Officer
Former ServiceNow, SAP, Deloitte, and DuPont, Sr. Curriculum Developer and Technical Design Instructor, Ms. Sobel, develops all aspects of product to client interface, as well as training, knowledge base constituents, support collateral, and technical instruction.

H. Holcombe
Senior Vice President to Government
Former VP/GM CapRock Government Solutions (Harris ITS division), a satellite and terrestrial telecommunications provider and Harris ITS Client Executive to US State Department. Accolades include graduating first in class in Computer Science USMA at West Point, the Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award, and Most Outstanding Officer of the Year. Jamie's extraordinary acumen for mission critical security reinforces US government and intelligence agencies with forward acting solutions.