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Cloud…Total Security

41% of companies state that the ‘Fear of Data Breach’ stops them from adopting the Cloud.

Today’s solutions merely protect some of your data in the Cloud. Typically, data is encrypted locally and then transferred through or stored on the Cloud.

However, protecting data processing is different and problematic. These same solutions must decrypt the data so you can view, use, or change it. Exposed data is at risk of attack…a show-stopper for most businesses and IT Security decision-makers.

MerlinCryption's breakthrough technique allows users to securely open, view, and process data at the end-point, while the data-in-use is still protected on the Cloud. Encryption automation is under-the-hood…user experience remains the same.

Deliver advanced protection with increased productivity to your client with MerlinCryption total cloud coverage… watch your Cloud uptake grow. 

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