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CryptoSystem API

MerlinCryption integrates ‘ahead of the curve’ security components, functions, and processes, effectively delivering the protection of multiple “must have products” in a single, deployment-simple, Security API. 

APPLICATION SECURITY. Detects communications attack, rejects all unauthorized messages, and protects data payload communications, as well as protects the application, itself, against external attempt to cause malfunction, corruption, or failure.

AUTHENTICATION/AUTHORIZATION. Establishes and maintains trust relationships between and among all combinations of people, hardware/machines, and applications.

IDENTITY ACCESS (IAM) /PRIVILEGE ACCESS (PAM) MANAGEMENT Distributes granular access rights, privileges, clearances, and identities for highly sophisticated management needs.

DATA SECURITY/POST QUANTUM ENCRYPTION. Comprehensive Encryption Security and Key Management/Key Lifecycle functionality. Includes encryption of data, encryption of authentication, encryption of digital signatures, and encryption of all messages and communications. 

The Security API’s multi-solution design approach circumvents significant time and cost in purchases of add-on products, ancillary labor costs, lost productivity cost, and associated risks of 3rd parties.

  • Eliminates need for 3rd Party key generation and key exchange mechanisms such as PKI, TDLS, SDES
  • Eliminates need for 3rd Party key storage, key depositories, key management, and life cycle expenses
  • Eliminates risk of and need for 3rd Party Certificate Authorities

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