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End-to-End Encryption
- Post Quantum Cryptography

When an attacker can anticipate their target’s every move, they can break through security. Predictability makes it easy to gain access. control encryption keys, hide, spy, and steal

MerlinCryption’s dynamic action approach shuts down the hacker’s ability to anticipate and conquer. Embedded Encryption Platform technology utilizes variable determinants coupled with top-down control to eliminate insider espionage and persistent attack.

This radically different approach overcomes 2 fundamental flaws in today’s encryption security:

  1. Encryption key management risk and
  2. Static encryption algorithm limitation

1, Technology Differentiators: Encryption Key Approach

The common approach to encryption key management, in itself creates security risks.

  • Other encryption keys have a short length, which is fixed. . Keys can be recognized by their size
  • The key must be transferred between end points.
  • Any stored key is susceptible to theft
  • PKI and Certificate Authorities enable proven attack vectors, are labor intensive, and are highly expensive, costing up to millions annually for a large organization.

 MerlinCryption initiates a radically different approach to key generation and management

  • Keys and digital signatures are variable in length.
  • Keys can be any size… from 2008 bits up to 2 GB…or any size in between.
  • This makes ASBE keys exponentially stronger than other encryption keys
  • MerlinCryption’s smallest key is a billion times a billion (58 times) stronger than a 256 bit key (or 10522 larger)

Because ASBE keys can change size with every encryption instance, they are exponentially more secure. Hackers cannot identify, monitor, or predict patterns or behaviors. ASBE Keys are layered with variable digital signatures, which also scale in length to 64KB. 

  • No key transfer…no key storage
  • ASBE Keys are created, used, and destroyed on the ENcrypting end.
  • Then recreated, used and destroyed on the DEcrypting end.
  • Eliminates PKI and Certificate Authorities
  • MerlinCryption keys and digital signatures create minuscule overhead to the encrypted file

2 Technology Differentiators: Encryption Algorithm

Current market encryption algorithms are static in nature. They repeat processes over and over. Their behaviors are expected…patterns are anticipated. Results are predictable:

  • Other encryptions (using the same key and plaintext input) will always produce identical cyphertext output with every encryption instance

Anti-Statistic Block Encryption leverages dynamic algorithmic complexity.  All output is variable. There is no static behavior.

  • The ASBE algorithm always produces different cyphertext in every encryption instance, even when using the same key, the same digital signature, and the same plaintext input,
  • Defeats Cryptanalysis and is anti-statistical
  • Core to the algorithmic complexity of ASBE, is stochastic randomization in many aspects of its encryption process

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