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Verbatim Secure Pro ULTRA 3.0, Secured by MerlinCryption.  32-GB USBs pioneer secure data encryption software and effectively address unique security requirements for healthcare, law, military, enterprise, and other special use environments.

Implementing an advanced virtual keyboard, the advanced encryption USB  defeats key-loggers, while dynamically executing additional password uniqueness properties. Passwords vary from 9 to 127 characters. Variable-length encryption keys scale in size and are never present on the device. Keys are created, destroyed, and re-created on demand.

Verbatim Secure Pro ULTRA 3.0, Secured by MerlinCryption supports industries where security is critical, featuring relevant capabilities such as self-auditing and an admin-only secure zone, where the admin has the authority to access, encrypt, and decrypt user data. Clients are enabled with HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

Verbatim 32GB Store 'N''Go Secure Pro 3.0 USB flash drive. Protect your privacy and keep your files secure with next generation encryption technology. 

  • Protects your Privacy!
  • Keeps important files secured!
  • Next Generation Encryption Application
  • Works on PC's and Mac's
  • Easy Drag & Drop operation